Violets Black Belt Journey

Everyone who achieves black belt has a story to tell and every story can inspire others to achieve their dreams.

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All right. Violet just earned a black belt today. And tell me about your journey. What brought you guys in the first place?


Well, I went to a Girl Scout thing with my mom’s troop and my sister, and then I asked, “Mom, I really like this. Can I do it?” And she said yes.

What were you guys looking for Violet to gain?

Mom and Dad

Confidence. Believe again. Mainly confidence and just able to be able to push through things.

The beginning, it was a lot about the physical aspect because she needed a lot of that physical touch input as a small kid and it helped a lot, and then it turned into everything else.


Nice. And what have you guys found now that you got here? How have we gain? How have we grown?

Mom and Dad

I don’t even know if I can put that into words.


Yeah, I mean, she definitely has the confidence that we wanted. And through that, she’s been able to just take it beyond karate, just push through things that were harder for her.


A lot of resilience, learning to overcome things, realizing things are hard, and then realizing she can do hard things.


Absolutely. Excellent. And Violet, tell us about a time that you struggled and how you pushed through.


When we were doing karate, in the parking lot after Zoom, it was really hard because we were back and we were still wearing masks, and it was just really annoying and stuff.


Absolutely. Are you glad that you pushed through?




Yeah. How do you feel now that you got your promotion?


I feel really excited and happy, and I’m really proud of myself.