This Week’s Announcements from the Mat


Sign up now for special events this spring and summer:

Orange belts, Green/Brown belts, and Red belts planning to test in June
You can sign up for tip testing now. As a reminder, tip testing is a private lesson where you demonstrate you know all the curriculum for your level before your next test. It also is your opportunity to ask questions and get help prior to leaving your current level. You can tip test as many times as you need to, so sign up now. Use the following link, https://bit.ly/TBKTipTesting

This month’s Leadership weapon is SWORD
Bring your sword on Mondays and Tuesdays. Bring your book on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday 3/25.

March’s concept is VISION
Young kids project  School-age kids project  Teens and adults project


  • TBK class schedule
  • Masks are optional in class
  • TBK’s Zoom code is 368-076-741, password “tbkrocks”. Change the name of the meeting attendee to show the student’s name and level or belt color so we can quickly approve them in the Zoom waiting room.