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Jamie Caldwell

“My daughter started karate at True Balance Karate in the spring. Within a couple of weeks we noticed she was more respectful, better focused, and more confident. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the instructors and positive family atmosphere here!”


“This school has great physical activity options for both adults and seniors. No matter what your background in martial arts (if any), you'll find their approach founded in the best learning principles: comprehensive lesson planning, demonstration, repetition, feedback, patience, encouragement, and fun.”

Dr Susanne Johnson

The staff are well-versed in helping students of all ages achieve the skill level the student desires. I have been especially impressed during the COVID-19 pandemic to observe them using remote learning tools to actively engage and provide real-time feedback to students training offsite.

Doctor Januszyk

We have been members of this studio for years, and during this weird year want to make sure that we acknowledge and renew our support for TBK. We have two children that attend, each with different needs and goals, and both have thrived under their care. It is obvious that they truly care about each child and their family; you are not just another number! Highly recommend!

Nathan Macht

I have recommended them to family, friends and will continue to do so. My son has improved in his discipline, self confidence and his help around our house. This is an amazing organization that is a community asset.

Russ Crooms

“This place is awesome! We found them through the PTO and they are great with kids. The sessions are a great mix of teaching, exercise, motivation, and confidence building. It has done wonders for my daughter.”

Kim Bywater

My children have been at TBK for 3 years. It is an outstanding place where the owners truly care about the students. My son can sometimes (a lot of the times) struggle with focus but he is never treated badly for it. During the pandemic TBK has gone above and beyond to continue to offer classes on Zoom. My kids are not only learning martial arts but becoming better human beings by being part of the TBK family.

Mr White

“I just wanted to mention that both my son; 8 year old, and my daughter 6 year old came to True Balance Karate a little over a year ago, didn't know anything about karate, and the true balance team has been so helpful in introducing them to karate, keeping them motivated by karate and really you know kind of guiding them in the proper direction. They enjoy it, they look forward to it and as parents we really feel like the team here is really molding our children well.”

Joe Altott

TBK is AMAZING!! They focus on all aspects of karate and life. I have seen massive improvements in my boys, as well as myself. Boys have shown improvements in their attitudes, self discipline, school work, most important self esteem and self confidence. Master Helsdon and Master H, as well as all the instructors are phenomenal! Really great with the kids. Excellent all year training and work out. We highly recommend TBK for your kids as well as the parents! Meet new people and can see what they have done for them. Great time and Great people. We love our karate family.

Larry Todaro

TBK has been excellent for my kids. Master Helsdon and Master H and all the black belt instructors are wonderful with kids, and bring new activities each class to keep the experience fresh for the students. My kids are learning confidence, body control, respect, and discipline. There are lots of opportunities for small rewards like black belt attitude tapes that the kids love earning, and get motivated to earn. I highly recommend TBK!

Lou Stastny

“Nice place very friendly and they take great patience with their students.”

Lani Nashi

I recently relocated to this area of Chicago and was looking to get back in to the study of martial arts. I had been searching for quite some time for the right studio. I had questions on transferring my previous experience in a different style, curriculum, testing requirements, etc. My questions were more than answered during a phone conference with one of the owners. Later on, my daughter joined TBK and loves every minute of it. They teach more than just karate - character development, discipline, humility, respect, customs, traditions, and history, all in a safe, supportive, non-aggressive family and training atmosphere. COVID-19 has also presented a host of challenges, all of which TBK overcame with originality and in compliance with the ever changing set of rules. Highly recommend!