Luke’s Black Belt Journey

Every Black belt has a story to tell, and every story can inspire others to achieve their best. Here is Lukes story;


Well, Luke was a very active child, so he needed something to put his focus in. And so I thought, “Hey, why not try karate?”

It’s something he’s never tried before and that the ability to move and kind of hone his skills in whatever he was doing, but he was able to channel it in an area where he was able to move a lot more and not be so energetic all the time, especially at home and other places.


You were. And what kind of changes have you seen in him since he started?


Oh, a lot. So the energy has now been channeled to the right place, which is a good thing. And I mean, I think with Luke, I mean, he’s learned to be patient a lot more now with his siblings. So that’s a great thing since patience is one of the things you guys learn in here. And just following directions and being polite and just even saying yes ma’am and yes sir. He’s using those mannerisms that you’ve learned here, and then he’s implementing it at home too. So he’s making that home/school connection that they learn here.


Excellent. What’s a time, Luke, that you were challenged and you thought maybe you wanted to quit? What’d you do to push through?


Early on I thought it was going to be a little too hard for me, so I had a bad mindset about this place, but I kept on pushing and look where I am now. Look where I am now.


Are you glad that you pushed through and kept going?


Yes, a lot.