James Black Belt Journey

Every Black belt has a story to tell, and every story can inspire others to achieve their best. Here is James story;

Okay guys, so what brought you guys in for the first place? What brought you in to start training in karate? Do you remember why you started?


We thought about karate and we tried it and he liked it. Then he didn’t like it so much, but then everything changed all of a sudden. He really got into it and wanted to practice all the time and was looking forward to show up for practice.

Excellent. And what kind of changes have you seen in him since you started?


Oh, lots of them. He’s very disciplined, he’s very organized. He’s always on time with his school work. The biggest change I think is discipline. His room is probably the cleanest room in the house. He just wants to get his homework done and he’s very responsible, I have to say. Very responsible and it’s just I’m so proud of him. His karate’s helping so much in many ways.


Excellent. What’s one challenge that you made it through along the way? When’s a time you were challenged, maybe you didn’t want to do it anymore, how’d you get through it?


Well, most likely kind of volunteering. Because I was like “Oh.”

I was worried that, “What if I mess up or something?”

I was like, “I’ll be embarrassed and laughed at.”

So I thought kind of least trying to say like, “Doing a great job. Like I need to fix this.”

Kind of teach them like how to improve.


Okay. So it was a challenge helping out in teaching.



All right. Are you glad you pushed through and you made it to this side?


Yes sir.