Character Chats

I am what I eat

This month we’re talking about health.

And this week we’re going to say, “what do you mean I am what I eat?”

Sometimes it is difficult to define to our kids how to eat healthy. Yet, healthy eating is a very important part of well-being in our body, mind, and spirit.

You are what you eat.

If you want to be fresh, crisp, colorful, then you want to eat fresh, crisp, and colorful.

If you want to be soggy… if you want to be salty… if you want to be flat… then you’ll eat that way.

So we are what we eat. It’s important to keep our bodies healthy, keep our minds healthy, and to have a good steady diet of healthy foods.

Nutritious food is an important part of all this, right?

Now, one of the ways to see if what you ate for the week was nutritious is to actually look back at what you ate. Think about laying all the food you ate that week out on a table and look at it.

Do you have the colors of the rainbow? Do you have all the different things in there? Do you have fruits, do you have vegetables?

Or does everything look brown? Does everything look salty? Everything we eat shouldn’t come out of a bag; a lot of it should be fresh.

Sure, we have some snacks here and there, we have some sweets and stuff. But to keep our energy up, we want to make sure we have excellent foods going in.

So, remember, you are what you eat.

Another important part of that is drinking enough water. We have to make sure that we hydrate — that we have enough water in our bodies. Soda doesn’t count as water, right? Sometimes you like to drink something sweet as a treat, but it doesn’t count as drinking something.

So I want to make sure that we have those six to eight glasses of water every single day. You want to have it spread out throughout the day too.

Without that healthy eating and that healthy drinking, our bodies and our minds can’t work. Our immune systems can’t keep up to keep us healthy, and we have trouble learning.

Always remember: you are what you eat, so eat how you want to feel.

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the mat.
-Master Helsdon