Character Chats

How do we get our kids to take action on being mentally strong?

A good “trick” to help our kids take action is to ask them what they would say to someone else.

“What would you say to your friend if they did bad on a math test?”

“I would tell them to get some help and they can do better next time.”

“Then why don’t you say that to yourself in spelling?”

Kids will usually give the right answers to others, they just need to say it to themselves.

There are 2 other things they can do to take action:

  • Show gratitude. When we shift our thinking to what we are grateful for we feel better, do better, and think better. An attitude of gratitude will help us achieve a much more positive view of life.
  • Taking small steps. We all get nervous about things. Taking new things one step at a time can help us build up mental strength.  As we build up a series of small victories toward our goals, we build momentum. After all you can only walk or run “one step at a time.”

Thanks, and we will see you on the mat!
-Master Helsdon