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Goal Setting: How to Set Goals

Today we’re talking about deciding what you’d like to achieve and making a plan to achieve it.

This month’s True Character social, emotional learning word is goal setting.

In January, you hear a lot of New Year’s resolutions. What would we like to accomplish throughout the year of 2022? We are working on setting those goals.

As we set those goals, they need to be S-M-A-R-T.

Specific — What specifically are we working towards?

Measurable — What are we using to measure? Are we making progress? Is it the height of our kick? Is it the strength of our kick? Give us a specific, it can’t be just “better.” It needs to be measurable.

Attainable or agreed upon — Either of those stands for the A. Is it something you can achieve, that would be attainable? Is there someone who will help hold you accountable, someone that you are working on with it, and they have agreed to be your goal setting buddy? That is the A part of the SMART goal.

Realistic — Jumping over a 12 story building is not necessarily realistic. Is your goal a realistic goal?

And then T…

Time-bound and trackable — Is there a specific amount of time you’d like to achieve it? Is it short-term, in the next week, two weeks, a month, or is it more long-term like something by the end of the year?

Is it trackable? Is it something that you can check off on a checklist or as you’re measuring it keep track of it with data?

That is how we work on our SMART goals and put out what we hope to achieve.

Join me as we continue to study goal setting.