Character Chats

How do we celebrate those showing kindness to us?

How do we celebrate and appreciate those showing kindness to us?

This month’s True Character word of the month is kindness. And in this fourth and final lesson of the month for this word, we’re gonna talk about showing appreciation for those who show kindness to us.

Kindness means using  caring words and choosing kind actions. For older kids, we say, “Showing care concern and consideration for others without expecting anything in return.”

Now, there are a lot of people in our lives that show kindness to us. And we want to show appreciation and thanks to them for it.

So, let’s think about it. Let’s think about everybody in our life who shows kindness.

Thanking Teachers For Their Kindness

Let’s start out with our teachers at school. Fill in this blank: “I want to thank my teacher for ___________.” There are a lot of things a teacher does for you…

  • “I want to thank my teacher for showing me new things.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for holding me up to a higher expectation.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for letting me know there was possibilities there I wasn’t even aware of.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for making me feel strong.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for making me feel smart.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for lifting me up when I was down.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for pushing me forward when I needed it.”
  • “I want to thank my teacher for correcting me and putting me in my place when I needed that too.”

We can show thanks to our teachers by writing them a letter, bringing them a gift, saying something nice, drawing them a picture or just walking up to them and saying “Thank you very much, I’m really happy you’re here for me.”

Showing Parents Thankfulness

Who else in our life can we thank for things they do for us? How about our parents?

How can we show our parents thankfulness for the kindness that they do?

Parents do a lot of things for us. They spend a lot of time with us — they’re there with us when we’re sick, when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re frustrated.

We can show our thankfulness to our parents for their kindness by, for example, watching something they want to watch on TV. Or maybe you can show your thankfulness to your parents for showing kindness by playing a game that they want to play.

How about just showing them some kindness back too? Maybe making them their favorite food or bringing them something in bed.

There’s a lot of things we can do with our parents to show them we’re thankful for them for being kind to us.

Reciprocating Kindness to Others

Who else is kind to us? Our grandparents, our aunts, our uncles. People out in our community, our police our firemen, lots of people around this show kindness for us.

Remember the greatest thing you can do on return for all those folks that show kindness for you is to show kindness back to them.

The other way we can show kindness back to them is pass it on.

If I perform an random act of kindness for somebody a really good way for them to show thankfulness to me is to do a random act of kindness to somebody else and then so on and so forth.

So, to really show that thankfulness for everyone’s kindness all around, you take those lessons that you’ve learned and bring them to somebody else. You be that beacon of light, that source of kindness in the community — the person that starts that chain of making everybody’s day just a little bit better.

It doesn’t take a lot. It doesn’t cost a lot. And it’s easy to do.

So, be an ambassador of kindness in your communities. Show everybody how happy you are and how secure you are and who you are by being nice to everyone around you.

Thanks, have a great day and we’ll see everybody on the mat.
-Master Helsdon