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Barriers in Achieving Our Goals

We’re talking about deciding what you’d like to achieve and making a plan to achieve it.

This month’s True Character word is goal setting.

We’ve talked about a SMART goal — a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound goal.

We have talked about beginning with the end in mind and visualizing what that end result is going to look like to help keep us motivated.

But what happens when there are barriers? What happens when things get in the way? How do we remain motivated?

Well, having that end result in our head helps us with motivation.

It helps us when we find ourselves procrastinating. Procrastinating is a big word. It means you’re putting it off until it’s the very last day and then you’re scrambling to get something done.

Don’t put things off to the very last day. Put what that goal would feel like in your head and work towards it every single day.

Panic, pessimism, perfectionism are barriers you may run into.

Have we ever gotten to the point where we’re so stuck because it just has to be perfect that we can’t move on and we can’t work towards our goal because it isn’t perfect now?

Sometimes that becomes a barrier.

How do we stay motivated when that is what is causing us difficulties?

Pushback is another barrier you may encounter.

How many of you guys have said, “I don’t want to” or “I’m not good enough” — those kinds of pushback phrases?

How do we move past it and stay motivated then?

That’s when beginning with the end in mind really helps us.

That’s when we look at our goal and we break it into those small steps and we move forward in a positive way.

We see the progress that we’ve already made, especially if we’ve been tracking our progress along the way. We can see where we started and we can move forward from there.

Yes, there will be barriers.

Yes, there will be things that happen that cause us to maybe doubt whether or not we can do our goal.

But there are rewards, and keeping our mind on those rewards is what helps us remain motivated and what helps us continue through on our goal setting journey.