Back to School Buddy Week

Hey TBK students,

To celebrate back to school time, and to set up your student for the best school year ever, we are having a back to school buddy week September 6th-10th!

The best way to have your student be impervious to negative peer pressure is for them to have a positive peer group. We all know how much our kids friends influence how they think and act. Lets work together to make sure your kids friends also know how to show great black belt respect.

Have your student bring a buddy to class on the week of September 6th-10th. 

We will teach them how to show respect, have confidence in themselves, be responsible and disciplined in their school work, work together and focus as a team, and be positive influences to everyone around them.

We will be handing out invite cards for our students to give to friends. 

Lets make it a great school year together!!

Master Helsdon

P.S. We do need the parents of friends to come in and sign permission for them to attend class.



Back to School Buddy week