Level 4 Resources

Written exams and essay topics are below.


Naihanchi Cho Dan

Bong Hyung E Bu

Sip Soo

Hand one steps 16-20

Feet one steps 16-20

Self defense one steps 16-20


Request to test forms are due the Wednesday prior to the test. (Request to test form)


Testing for Cho Dan Bo–Blue belt (you currently hold a Red/Blue belt)

Essay: What are your responsibilities as a Cho Dan Bo? (500 words)

Written exam: Click here


Testing for Advance Cho Dan Bo–Blue/Black belt (you currently hold a Blue belt)

Essay: Who are you as a martial artist? (1000 words–this is your black belt essay)

Written exam: You will take the written exam in class the week after the physical test.


All written exams and essays are due prior to testing on Friday.