Level 4 Resources

Written exams and essay topics are below.


Naihanchi Cho Dan

Bong Hyung E Bu

Sip Soo

Hand one steps 16-20

Feet one steps 16-20

Self defense one steps 16-20


Request to test forms are due the Wednesday prior to the test. (Request to test form)


Testing for Cho Dan Bo–Blue belt (you currently hold a Red/Blue belt)

Essay: What are your responsibilities as a Cho Dan Bo? (500 words)

Written exam: Print: TBK Cho Dan Bo

                           Online: Click here


Testing for Advance Cho Dan Bo–Blue/Black belt (you currently hold a Blue belt)

Essay: Who are you as a martial artist? (1000 words–this is your black belt essay)

Written exam: You will take the written exam in class the week after the physical test.


All written exams and essays are due prior to testing on Friday. You may choose between online and paper form for the written exam.