Black Belt Resources

Naihanchi E Dan

Bong Hyung Sam Bu

Sword 1

Hand one step 21-25

Hand one step 26-30

Feet one step 21-25

Feet one step 26-30


Self Defense 21-25

Self Defense 26-30


Black Belt Test Candidate Guidelines:

ALL students have an account on www.wtsda.com.  You can claim your account and see your prior training history and the test status.


6 months prior to your black belt test (Testing for E Dan–2nd degree or Sam Dan–3rd degree):

Check your blue Dan card and make sure it is up-to-date. You should be in good standing at least 6 months prior to the test. (ie. Testing in October, you should make sure your membership doesn’t expire in December. If it does, renew it by June 30). You can renew all Dan Memberships here


You will also need to fill out the Dan Test form online. When you fill it out, have your essay and photo ready to upload. The form can be found here

                  Deadlines are as follows: Testing in Spring–fill out the form by February 1

                                                                 Testing in Fall–fill out the form by August 1

All testing fees will be paid to True Balance Karate.