Character Chats

What holds us back from getting our initiative?

This month’s True Character word of the month is initiative, which means “I’m a self-starter.”

We talked earlier in the month about what exactly initiative is and how we earn more responsibilities as kids. We also talked about how we use our initiative for setting goals and how to set a SMART goal.

Now, let’s talk about some of the things that hold us back from showing our initiative.

Fear and uncertainty

Sometimes we’re afraid to do things without being told.

We’re not so sure if we can do that yet. And that fear can hold us back from showing initiative.

Of course, we can always ask.

Additionally, we can learn how to do something so we get past that fear.


Procrastination is when you really want to do something but you keep saying tomorrow instead of today.

This can hold us back from initiative. So, you want to try to push that aside.

We all have a tendency to procrastinate.

Some people struggle with initiative because they’re waiting ‘til they’re perfect: “Well, when I can get it perfect, I’ll actually start.”

We can never get perfect in this lifetime. The key to life is just taking that first step.

Someone else will do it

Sometimes we’re waiting for somebody else to take care of it.

If we’re waiting for someone else to do it, we’re definitely not showing initiative, are we?

Don’t wanna

The other thing that can hold us back from showing our initiative is just a plain old, “I don’t wanna.”

Well, if you don’t wanna, then you’re not showing you’re growing up and earning more freedom.

Thinking about these things that can hold us back and what we can do to get past them is a really good way to start showing our initiative in class.

And we will see everybody on the mat.
-Master Helsdon