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Announcements from the Mat: March

Have you subscribed to our Google calendar? Click on the Add button (looks like a little radar icon on mobile) beneath our Upcoming Events and choose your calendar preference. Or, click on the View Calendar button for the option to print the calendar, too.

Leadership friends: This month’s Leadership weapon is SWORD. Bring your sword on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as Saturdays 3/12 and 3/26. Bring your book on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as Saturdays 3/5 and 3/19.

Keep working hard! We take time at the end of class to recognize all students with new black belt attitude tapes, blue character tapes, and six-class red tapes. You can always find copies of worksheets at

COVID-19 Updates

Masks currently are optional in the studio.

Zoom code 368-076-741, password “tbkrocks”. Please change the name of the meeting attendee to show the student’s name and level or belt color so we can quickly approve them in the Zoom waiting room, for security.

March’s concept is ADAPTABILITY.

Find the visualization sheet here!

Find the visualization board instructions here!